We are developing products which uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology to cause a technical revolution in healthcare. For instance,

---A technology which can shorten surgical time into 1/10.
---A system which enables doctors to examine patients without computers and keyboards.
---A software which predicts the percentage of becoming diabetes in 2 years.

Moreover, we are currently in the process of opening “NAM AI Clinic” on March 2018, to provide healthcare using our cutting-edge AI techniques.

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2018.05.12 -- Press Informatio has changed on 2018.03.22
2018.02.06 ^^ NAM was published in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun 2017.11.29 -- Our service "Doctor Q" is now in press.
2017.11.28 -- We start Initial Coin Offering(ICO) from Dec 24, 2017
2017.11.23 -- Our AI clinic will be open in April, 2018
2017.11.22 -- Our service "Doctor Q" will be in Indonesia soon

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Teppei Nakano. CEO

IT has been expanding the possibilities for human beings. People are able to communicate with those who are far away from them due to the development of IT. This innovative technology has dramatically changed our lives. Healthcare, however, has not changed much. This is simply because, there are not enough techniques or products which healthcare professionals are find it appealing.

For instance, the permeation rate of electronic medical records in Japan is estimated to be only 50%. Despite its convenience, one might wonder why the use of such technology is limited. The electronic chart requires one to input data using keyboards which is just a slight improvement from conventional methods where people used pens. This modification in technologies have made the transferring of data easier, however, it was not such a sensational change, thus the use is limited. It is essential to have an overwhelming technology to revolutionize the healthcare. We are conducting research on daily basis to achieve such discovery.

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Our Innovative Technology

We transform healthcare efficient

AI Diagnosis BOT

Deep Learing
Next Generation Medical Records System

Prevent onset of disease
AI sorts health products according to yor personal information

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