Innoveation Based on Research

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Basic Research

                                                                        Google will change the knowledge of the world in the search system did. The underlying technology is the PageRank algorithm that Google founder studied. To change medical care, basic research is not It is always important. Just by simply applying artificial intelligence to medical care, medical care does not change at all. We place overwhelming technical capabilities in the appropriate medical field Otherwise, medical care will not change.

For example, in a casual place, you can get sick with artificial intelligence Although diagnostic software etc. are being developed, it can be made technically anyone current status. However, even if that software exists, the patient eventually has to go to the hospital and the doctor trusts only the software Because it does not go, it is not used. That software has not been able to change medical care.


                                                                        Our overwhelming basic research, overwhelming results in doctors Place it properly in the field of treatment. The human beings will not become cancer, the doctor will throw away the stethoscope, change the way the doctor works. I am working hard aiming at this .                                                                         

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