Our Mission

Innovates Healthcare with Machine Learning

We study and research for patients

We will devote ourselves to providing innovative technologies in a way that is needed in the world. We will continue to create products and technologies that will dramatically change society, rather than slightly improving services that already exist in the world. All innovative technologies come from innovative basic research. We put the most value on basic research.


In collaboration with many companies, universities and hospitals in-house, we are developing basic medical technology. In our company at least three are writing papers to the international conference at least.

Development of Medical Hardware

Medical treatment is not completed only with software, it has close connection with hardware, including blood test, CT, endoscope. We are developing a goal to embed technologies that enhance those functions in hardware.

Software development and sales

The patient 's life including the patient' s life is the subject of medical treatment. Even outside the hospital, use it for patients.

AI Bot Doctor Q

Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of 2016, we have developed an electronic chart using a chat bot using AI. In this system, especially in a chat bot, when a patient tells a case to a bot anywhere, A certain degree of diagnosis can be done, and the doctor can also grasp the situation of the patient, It is thought that you can achieve great results in remote medical care and cooperation among physicians. In addition, because it is possible to make hospital examination more efficient, information collaboration between hospitals and pharmacies can be done smoothly, it is also possible to ease congestion and increase the profit of medical facilities.

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Using deep learning and block chain technology
for Next Generation Medical Record System

It is estimated that the introduction rate of charts throughout Japan is around 50%, because "carte is overwhelmingly hard to use". That is because technically it has not made a breakthrough in the chart. We are creating a medical record system that can make charts only with voice, automate insurance scores, speed up payment speed of medical treatment fee, etc. In preparing this system, introduction of electronic medical records including artificial intelligence is conducted, and speeding up processing by attempting appropriate diagnosis, insurance point calculation or judgment by AI. Furthermore, we are aiming at a system that can exchange efficient costs with lowering costs by payment of medical institutions and remittance using virtual currency

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Creation and sale of predictive models by artificial intelligence
Personalized health foods

Due to the development of large-scale databases, we know that the probability of becoming diabetes etc. can be predicted very accurately if we use cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. However, the current medical system is basically managed by the country, and even when going to a hospital, we will not conduct an examination "artificial intelligence probability of becoming diabetes". Our company develops various models (artificial intelligence to predict) and estimates the probability of becoming diabetes or liver cirrhosis.

The medicine that can be obtained at the hospital is basically "medicine for treating people who have sickness to cure it" You can not get medicine to keep yourself healthy at the hospital. But keeping health is very important in the sense that it does not get sick. But general consumers do not know honestly how much to buy and drink. In our service, we first grasp the constitution and lifestyle of consumers by artificial intelligence questioning first. Artificial intelligence selects health foods from countries around the world in a way that suits it and can provide optimal medicines and health foods. These services can be used with NAM coins.

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