Next Generation Medical Records System
with Deep Learning and Block-chain

Innovative efficienty with our medical records system

It is estimated that the introduction rate of charts throughout Japan is around 50%, because "carte is overwhelmingly hard to use". That is because technically it has not made a breakthrough in the chart. We are creating a medical record system that can make charts only with voice, automate insurance scores, improve efficiency of payment of medical fee payment etc. In creating this system, introduction of an electronic medical chart including artificial intelligence, by using appropriate diagnosis, insurance point calculation or judgment by AI, high processing speed

1. Description of medical record => Automatically input by AI from physician-patient conversation
2. Organize information in the past => Using natural language processing, AI summarizes the chart automatically
3. Confirmation of insurance points => AI displays points that can be automatically added based on insurance score database
4. Examination of medical fee fee by the country => Automatically judge whether AI is the right claim for medical fee payment requiring two months