State-of-the-art prevention and health management based on data

State-of-the-art treatment and examination can not be taken with insurance medical treatment

It is becoming increasingly accurate in research on cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, such as the probability of becoming diabetic. However, the current medical system is basically managed by the country, so even if you go to a hospital, the probability of becoming diabetic due to artificial intelligence. Our company develops various models (artificial intelligence to predict) and estimates the probability of becoming diabetes or liver cirrhosis.

The medicine that can be obtained at a hospital is basically "a medicine for treating people who have sickness to cure it," and a medicine for healthy people to keep their health I can not get it at the hospital. But keeping health is very important in the sense that it does not get sick. But general consumers do not know honestly how much to buy and drink. In our service, we first grasp the constitution and lifestyle of consumers by artificial intelligence questioning first. Artificial intelligence selects health foods from countries around the world in a way that suits it and can provide optimal medicines and health foods. These services can be used with NAM coins.


Prediction model of Hepatorenal Syndrome

Hepatic renal syndrome (HRS) is a type of kidney failure that occurs in progressive cirrhosis (liver dysfunction). The three-month survival rate of HRS patients is 15%. However, currently, biomarkers , Sedimentation factors, and useful prognostic criteria have not yet been discovered. There is also no correlation with liver function such as Child-Pugh classification. Fortunately early treatment is effective, and early prediction of HRS is important. In this study, using random forest, HRS onset in the medical record of cirrhosis patients at admission from the MIMIC 2 public database Predicted. As a result, our prediction model achieved AUC of 0.81. This prediction is the first prediction of HRS and it has become> so that it can be done from an extremely early stage. This research was papers and Nakano of our company announced orally at the workshop of NIPS 2015 which is one of the world's best machine learning international conferences.